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Linux doesn’t recognize Android phone

If your Linux distro doesn’t recognize an Android phone by USB, try installing: sudo apt-get install jmtpfs

Fedora 25 not keeping time

The system time was doing some very weird things. I tried everything, but what finally seemed to work was uninstalling chrony. I’m not sure if it was chrony that was causing the problem or some associated files that got removed in the uninstall process. yum remove chrony

Play VCDs in Linux

This worked for me: In terminal, type: mplayer vcd://2 (or vcd://1 or whatever number matches drive) Source of info:

Splitting up AVI files and converting to mp4 for HTML5

So I had some problems splitting up an AVI movie into for segments, then converting it to mp4 so I could use it in HTML5. Here’s what worked for me: Split the file using avisplit. I could run it from the command line after installing transcode. The command should be something like avisplit -i moviein.avi […]

Openshot video editor Mint 15

With the default installs of Mint 15 and Openshot, I had trouble exporting to mp4 and avi formats. I’d run in to this problem before, so I’m posting the fix here. The Openshop error message might say you need packages libx264 and libmp3lame, even though they’re already installed. Try installing one of the following or […]

MP3Gain for inncreasing mp3 volume and quality

I use home-made mp3 files a lot in my work, often ripped from movie DVDs. Recently I found I hadn’t prepared them at an appropriate volume. This tool is great for fixing mp3 file volume issues: mp3Gain, thank you!

Who says the US has no culture?

We have plenty of culture, as this story by the BBC demonstrates. This story could serve as the basis of a discussion about culture, with a stretch of the imagination. What would Taiwanese, for example, make of this odd American custom? BBC News – Californians bare bottoms for passing trains The southern Californian city of […]

Baloney Detection Kit and the persuasive essay

I thought the following video did a good job at explaining what makes good evidence, and good evidence is what is needed to produce a good persuasive essay. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be scientific evidence, the subject of the video. but valid scientific evidence is pretty darn convincing. Video retrieved on August […]

Why Firefox is better

Plugins, that’s the main reason. Three plugins I’ve just installed and am testing, though they seem to make my surfing much easier and safer, are: NoScript Flashblock AdBlock I’ve been reading about Flash security issues that affect all OSs, leading to my installing the above scripts. So now my favorite Firefox plugins, in addition to […]

Airlines’ approaches to body and mind of the long-haul passenger

Remember when the 747 was rolled out in the early 70’s or so, and even economy class included a lounge area with card table and sofas? Free drinks, lots of food, and generally good physical feelings all around was the expectation, and the airlines delivered. International airline service, particularly that offered by US-based airlines, has […]