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ooVoo, looks neat but…

…too bad it’s not available for Linux yet. ooVoo takes on Skype, Cisco in video conferencing by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech NEW YORK (Reuters) – Start-up ooVoo is hoping to take on everybody from Skype, the Internet telephony arm of eBay, to Cisco Systems with a new video conferencing offer for small businesses. While Skype has […]

File sharing / File manager adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

Another block that I’ve just installed on Moodle 1.9+ is the File sharing – File manager block. This allows users to upload and share files, obviously, and extends the FLE3 ‘Web Top’ type functionality to Moodle. I still prefer FLE3 as a CSCL environment, but it appears that Moodle is slowly going beyond being just […]

OU Wiki adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

I just finished browsing the complete list of modules and plugins for Moodle, and there does seem to be a growing interest in providing for more CSCL functions in the Moodle CMS. A couple of have fallen behind in development, but I just installed the OU Wiki plugin and it works very well. The CSCL […]

Testing open source CMSs

The following site allows you to log on to a wide variety of CMSs, portals, and other open source applications and try them out. It’s a great idea. Each demo is reinstalled every two hours. Home – OpenSourceCMS

What is the task?

I was reading the following link and information on the parent site and my first-cup-of-coffee, 6:30-on-a-rainy-morning-brain started thinking that maybe I’ve been approaching the issue of computer supported collaborative language learning (CSCLL) content and activities from the wrong direction. Perhaps I should not focus so much on ‘language activities’, but more on collaborative work for […]