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Discussing misconceptions about life in the US

I’m often surprised by some of the misconceptions my students from Taiwan and China have about the US. They often have wildly, usually media-induced, positive ideas about the standard of living and general levels economic, health, and social security. Articles such as the one below can be used to stimulate discussion about how and why […]

And you’re worried about US beef?

I’m happy to see Taiwanese protest for the safety of their food, and the recent protests against US beef are no exception. But why aren’t Taiwanese equally, if not more so, enraged when poison food is knowingly sold to the public by local companies? I just don’t understand Stories such as the one below appear […]

Taiwan vegetarians, take notice

I’m not a vegetarian, but I often eat at vegetarian restaurants, and although I like the fake meat products available in Taiwan, such as fake ham, I have noticed that they often leave me feeling less than great. Perhaps this story explains why, at least in part. I guess the safest thing to do if […]

McDonald’s to collaborate on grad courses at NTNU?

I’m not sure this is such a good idea. At a time when Taiwan is trying to improve its image as a tourist destination, in part by improving its tourist infrastructure, I don’t think it should use McDonald’s as a model. Hmmm, what does McDonald’s have that a five start hotel would want? Am I […]

Taitung rice wins recognition

Taitung rice wins recognition – The China Post TAITUNG, Taiwan — After a year of efforts, a group of 15 rice farmers in Taitung County, eastern Taiwan, were able to finally reap the results of their hard work Tuesday as the Fu Luh organic rice they grow has won recognition from the international certification group, […]

How long can one shift the blame?

Yet another melamine story. Poison food ingredients have been coming out of China for so long now, and it has been so well documented, that at some point we have to lay as much blame on the people who buy this crap as we do on the people who sell it. And in this case, […]

New standards?

The following article seems to say that the new Chinese standard for melamine allows for 2.5 ppm in liquid milk. In other words, they’re saying it’s OK for producers to add melamine to milk, as long as they keep the volume within 2.5 ppm. An English usage question is, assuming we knew what the old […]

Poison pizza

The recent melamine mess could serve as a basis for many classroom activities. The following story, though short, has many implications, one being the extent to which melamine from China has entered the wider food chain. Another question this article gives rise to, especially regarding international food corporations, is one of responsibility. Pizza Hut admits […]

Bad milk, bad coffee

Yet another article on the bad milk scandal that is increasingly affecting Taiwan. This raises a lot of questions about the practice of buying goods made in Taiwan rather than China on the assumption that Taiwanese goods are safer. That logic tends to break down if components of the Taiwanese goods are from China. Regardless, […]

Contaminated milk

This certainly hits home, quite literally for Taiwanese students. Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from milk – Yahoo! News Taiwanese company King Car Co. announced it has recalled packs of its Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea containing contaminated milk powder imported from China.