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Announced DUI checkpoints

The policy of announcing such checkpoints before the fact is worthy of discussion. I’m in favor of it for a variety of reasons, but what do you think? The Columbus Dispatch : DUI checkpoint in Gahanna tonight DUI checkpoint in Gahanna tonightFriday, April 10, 2009 9:47 AM THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH A sobriety checkpoint will be […]

There’s a story here…

The Columbus Dispatch : Caskets found along Alum Creek Reservoir weren’t empty Caskets found along Alum Creek Reservoir weren’t emptyFriday, April 10, 2009 3:28 PM The Columbus DispatchDELAWARE, Ohio — It turns out the caskets uncovered along Alum Creek Reservoir yesterday weren’t empty after all. Army Corps of Engineers officials said at a news conference […]

DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlement

I’ve been stories such as this one over the years that report on connections between the original inhabitants of Taiwan and the wider Pacific Island population. Taipei Times – archives DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlementBy William LowtherSTAFF REPORTER IN WASHINGTONThursday, Jan 29, 2009, Page 2 More details have emerged about the […]

Death and Bissel Compact Upright Vacuums

This is obviously a tragic and disturbing story, but I’m wondering why it includes a list of items on sale, and their prices? Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down – Yahoo! News (UPDATE 090316: This article is no longer on Yahoo. This is why I sometimes blog entire articles rather than just links.) […]

Environmentally conscious 6 year olds who value function as well as aesthetics?

The following appeared as ‘news’ in the Taipei Times today. I’m supposed to be teaching a class called ‘Journalistic English’ next semester. Perhaps the following will be of some value regarding critical reading. How can a six year old child be environmentally conscious, let alone value function as well as aesthetics? It might be interesting […]

Safety net?

Somehow the plan to build a safety net under the Golden Gate Bridge does not make sense to me. Granted, suicide is tragic from any angle. But lots of things in life are tragic, and it appears that “The California panel that oversees the Golden Gate Bridge”, whoever they are, have decided that it is […]

Ethically correct? Is that legal? (Sorry, ‘legally allowed’)

I’m not sure if this headline is ungrammatical, but it’s certainly redundant and just plain ugly: How to spend an ethically-correct Christmas – Yahoo! News Shouldn’t that headline read, “How to spend an ethical Christmas”? There’s no such thing as ‘ethically correct’, is there? Isn’t ‘ethical’ a synonym for ‘correct’? Furthermore, if the phrase ‘ethically […]