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More likely to die?

I get a kick out of these articles that talk of "risk of death". Isn’t the risk of death always 100% for all of us? How can an activity possibly increase our risk of death? It’s absurd language, and yet it appears daily in our media. Experts: Sitting too much could be deadly – Yahoo! […]

How unsafe is safe enough for you?

The headlines assuring us that vaccines are safe are large, front page, and numerous. One might think that somebody is trying to convince us of something. But this story was somewhat buried in the on-line press. This article could supplement a discussion on students’ feelings about the safety of vaccines and their health care in […]

Discussing misconceptions about life in the US

I’m often surprised by some of the misconceptions my students from Taiwan and China have about the US. They often have wildly, usually media-induced, positive ideas about the standard of living and general levels economic, health, and social security. Articles such as the one below can be used to stimulate discussion about how and why […]

And you’re worried about US beef?

I’m happy to see Taiwanese protest for the safety of their food, and the recent protests against US beef are no exception. But why aren’t Taiwanese equally, if not more so, enraged when poison food is knowingly sold to the public by local companies? I just don’t understand Stories such as the one below appear […]


This is a link to the consumer group Which?, which is mentioned in the earlier cited article about how dirty computer keyboards are: Welcome to Which?

More reasons to ignore health authorities

Click on the link for the complete article. Following are excerpts relevant to those of us in Taiwan and elsewhere (emphasis added): Swine flu hotline staff are ‘making deadly errors’ | Mail Online Swine flu hotline staff are ‘making deadly errors’ By Daniel Martin Last updated at 10:38 PM on 20th September 2009 …91 per […]

Keep those numbers up!

I had to giggle when I read this statement regarding swine flu in Taiwan. Students, can you tell why? Yaung hopes A(H1N1) epidemic show signs of waning next week – The China Post The goal now is to keep the weekly rate at 20,000 for a few more weeks before vaccines are made available, he […]

Home remedies, have any?

I’m a huge believer in home remedies and nine times out of ten find that they work better than pharmaceutical options. Following are some excerpts from a story about a folk remedy that has proved useful for treating swine flu. I often use home remedies as a basis for a class activity, and there’s an […]

Computer keyboards dirtier than a toilet

With classes looming and swine flu hysteria spreading quicker than the sickness, why don’t we keep in mind some practical things we can do to protect ourselves, in addition to all the impractical things we’ll be asked to do. Of course, frequent hand washing comes to mind. Now if they’d just put some soap in […]

And for those of you who thought cocaine was a safe drug…

Drug abuse is probably less frequently a topic of discussion in ESL classes than in some content courses, but that probably also depends on location. Regardless, here’s an important article that discusses a highly dangerous drug added sometimes added to cocaine. It’s not often that I see such specific, detailed information about the danger of […]