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Surviving College Break

I was struck by how culturally significant this story is. It is of course written for an American audience, but I plan to use it with my Taiwanese students, asking them what elements of the list below and the story seem odd. The Columbus Dispatch : Not home alone: Perils of the college break Surviving […]

McDonald’s to collaborate on grad courses at NTNU?

I’m not sure this is such a good idea. At a time when Taiwan is trying to improve its image as a tourist destination, in part by improving its tourist infrastructure, I don’t think it should use McDonald’s as a model. Hmmm, what does McDonald’s have that a five start hotel would want? Am I […]

Barbecue at crematorium

I’m not sure how I feel about this… Taipei Times – archives Barbecue at crematorium The Taoyuan County Funeral Service Industry Association said that anyone interested in a free barbecue on Mid-Autumn Festival should head for the funeral home in Jhongli (中壢). Last year, the association organized a barbecue for more than 1,000 people at […]

Halloween and Chinese ghost month

I do not know how correct the following article is, but assuming it is fairly accurate, it is amazing how much the roots of Halloween have in common with current practices of Chinese ghost month here in Taiwan. Ghosts coming back for a limited time, offerings of food to appease them, and bad things that […]