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China Post is looking for a proofreader

Attention: Proofreader urgently needed at China Post!

Harkey resolution wants Obama to keep Gitmo prisoners away from Camp Pendleton

It’s not often I see real-life examples of an oxymoron in action. In the following article, Assemblywoman Harkey creates a beautiful oxymoron when she speaks of a terrorist accident, " It is very, very important that they are in maximum security and not available to just walk out—walk away or to somehow cause a terrorist […]

Environmentally conscious 6 year olds who value function as well as aesthetics?

The following appeared as ‘news’ in the Taipei Times today. I’m supposed to be teaching a class called ‘Journalistic English’ next semester. Perhaps the following will be of some value regarding critical reading. How can a six year old child be environmentally conscious, let alone value function as well as aesthetics? It might be interesting […]