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I’ve always had slow Internet connections, making streaming TV a hit and miss proposition. FreetuxTV works very well. Not only does it stream very well, it doesn’t overheat the CPU on my DIY, 5-year-old box. I found it on the Synaptic Package Manager of Mint 14. This is a fantastic piece of software, especially if […]

More likely to die?

I get a kick out of these articles that talk of "risk of death". Isn’t the risk of death always 100% for all of us? How can an activity possibly increase our risk of death? It’s absurd language, and yet it appears daily in our media. Experts: Sitting too much could be deadly – Yahoo! […]

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Please.

So, ten times the number of children, and presumably people in general, caught H1N1 than doctors thought. What this means is that the virus is even less serious than we already thought. In fact, is it in any worse than a really bad cold or normal flu? I think not. And how much money exactly […]

Another page of sound bites

This page might also be useful for some in the CAI class, or just for anybody who wants to waste a bunch of time listening to different stuff: Entertonement: Sounds, Sound Bites, Ringtones and Audio clips

Studs and spuds

The early recordings of Spuds Terkel played in this show are, well, you listen and decide… This American Life

Environmentally conscious 6 year olds who value function as well as aesthetics?

The following appeared as ‘news’ in the Taipei Times today. I’m supposed to be teaching a class called ‘Journalistic English’ next semester. Perhaps the following will be of some value regarding critical reading. How can a six year old child be environmentally conscious, let alone value function as well as aesthetics? It might be interesting […]