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Taiwan issues play money, or rather, stimulus coupons.

I find it fascinating that governments around the world can just dish out money during these "tough economic times". I was listening to an interview on BBC yesterday, and I can’t remember the interviewee’s name, but he was asked if our governments will ever go broke, and his response was something like, "Not as long […]

Credit crisis 101

For those of us who are financial morons like me, this is a refreshingly educational take on the financial crisis: This American Life 355: The Giant Pool of Money Download a transcript. A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News. We explain it all to you. What does […]

ATM breaches more likely at stores than banks

This article would be a good basis for a discussion in unit on money. I would simplify it first, taking out some of the references to banking practices that don’t exist here in Taiwan, such as debit cards, and to other information that is not directly relevant to the daily lives of my students. Basically, […]

Rule of 72

The following is a good segment from NPR. Now if they would just tell me how I could get a guaranteed 8% interest rate for 40 years! NPR : Resolving to Retire with a Nest Egg The Rule of 72 Steve Mariotti, the founder and President of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, says one […]