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Winning Ig Nobel Prize research not so improbable

I was excited to learn that the designers for a bra that doubles (or quadruples?) as a face mask won an Ig Nobel Prize. Still, this is not at all improbable research, so I’m wondering if it was indeed a legitimate contender. During the SARS outbreak in East Asia, stocks of face masks were depleted, […]

Prank or something more?

Perhaps they should have been given extra credit for their organization and communication skills. The Columbus Dispatch : Flip-flop prank nets students suspensions Flip-flop prank nets students suspensionsSaturday, May 30, 2009 3:15 AM DAYTON DAILY NEWS VIA APDAYTON — A high school is disciplining students who defied the dress code by wearing flip-flops to school […]

TED Open Translation seems to have tremendous CSCLL potential

(Please excuse the cross posting on this one with the blog. It’s just too relevant to both.) This TED project appears to hold great potential for computer supported collaborative language learning (CSCLL). Consider the possibilities. Homogeneous groups of native speakers of the target language working together with a native English language facilitator to translate […]

Tools for creating online stories

This site provides a good list of tools for developing online stories: CogDogRoo ยป StoryTools The Fifty ToolsBelow you will find 50+ web tools you can use to create your own web-based story. Again, the mission is not to review or try every single one (that would be madness, I know), but pick one that […]

CALL, CAI, NBLL, CMC, just don’t call me late for dinner

Do you think we’ll ever actually run out of acronyms? I mean, sure, it seems unlikely, but the fact is that, assuming any letter and number 0-9 can be used a maximum of twice in one acronym (and no self-respecting acronym would use a number or letter more than twice, right?), there is a finite […]

What, you’re just finding out how heavy handed Microsoft can be?

This article is loaded with potential. Personally, I have no sympathy for any of the negatively affected stakeholders in this story. I gave up on Microsoft years ago when they forced me to pay for an international phone call to activate legal software that I had paid handsomely for (Taiwan had no toll free Microsoft […]

Computing in the Cloud: NPR

This article is useful for a technology module. Note that the text is not an actual transcript of the audio, available via the link, though some of the paragraphs in the article are taken verbatim from the audio. This is a common feature of NPR stories that include both audio and substantial text, and this […]

I’ve been looking for something like this

Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool Zotero is a Firefox plugin that doubles as an Open Office extension. It is a reference, link, and bibliography organizer. One thing I really like about it is that it allows you to insert references into your OO documents using a variety of the most popular formats.

NPR.PY back up and running

The script (see link below) is a great tool if you want to download authentic listening material from NPR and save it in mp3 format. The script wasn’t working for a while due to a change in how NPR was formatting their pages, but the author has obviously made the appropriate updates. Mike Pickering’s […]