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Would you emigrate? Why or why not?

This story is an excellent conversation starter from a variety of perspectives. Any article, especially one based on a survey, that draws comparisons between large groups of people or places is ripe for debate. I see a number of flaws in this survey, as reported at least. First of all, it doesn’t include any information […]

2010 ELT conferences, Taiwan

The following was taken from a posting. I have no idea how accurate the information is, but I assume it’s fairly correct: ELT Conferences 2010 • Forumosa 2010 International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied LinguisticsMarch 12-13, 2010Ming Chuan UniversityTaoyuan, Taiwan 2010 Asian EFL Journal International Annual ConferenceApril 23-25, 2010Providence UniversityTaichung, Taiwan Second […]

Unemployment a problem for you?

In my opinion, the years immediately following undergraduate graduation are some of the most difficult for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the necessity to prove to the world that you are worth hiring. This makes a suitable topic for our next discussion. Taipei Times – archives Unemployment rate surged to […]

DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlement

There have been a number of studies over the last couple of years indicating that Taiwan is likely the origin of much of the Pacific Islander population, from Indonesia to Hawaii with lots of stops in between. Here is yet another such study: Taipei Times – archives By William LowtherSTAFF REPORTER IN WASHINGTONThursday, Jan 29, […]

More information on early Taiwan inhabitants

Earliest human relics in Taiwan unearthed in Taitung – Taiwan News Online A team from Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s highest research institute, has recently discovered a neolithic stone hearth in a cave in the eastern county of Taitung that has been confirmed as the earliest human relic to have been discovered in Taiwan, the Taitung county […]

Taiwan vegetarians, take notice

I’m not a vegetarian, but I often eat at vegetarian restaurants, and although I like the fake meat products available in Taiwan, such as fake ham, I have noticed that they often leave me feeling less than great. Perhaps this story explains why, at least in part. I guess the safest thing to do if […]

Interview with Dr. Pei of NPUST

Here’s an excellent interview with a professor from NPUST regarding a mapping program focusing on traditional territory of various Rukai and Paiwan tribes. The View from Taiwan: Chatting with Somebody: Dr. Kurtis Pei, National Pingtung Institute of Technology Chatting with Somebody: Dr. Kurtis Pei, National Pingtung Institute of Technology