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Mama gorilla won’t share Nintendo

廣角鏡/猩猩母子搶玩掌上型遊戲機 | 國際萬象 | 全球觀察 | 聯合新聞網 「媽咪,拜託給人家玩一下啦!」舊金山動物園一名遊客的任天堂NDS掌上型遊戲機掉進猩猩區,母猩猩撿起來把玩,一歲大的兒子也想湊熱鬧,不過母猩猩看來顯然沒玩夠。最後,管理員用紅蘋果換回遊戲機。 (每日郵報)

Jessica Watson

Even the most cynical person must be impressed by this young lady.

China Post looking for proofreaders…

Can you tell why the China Post is desperately seeking proofreaders??

Free graphics software

Here’s a good reference for free image software. I’m a big Gimp fan so, being a creature of habit, I probably won’t seriously try anything else out until Gimp can’t do something I want it to do. But I’ll probably give a couple of them a spin. It’s also a good list to have for […]

Zhuyinfuhao to Pinyin chart

The link below is to a simple chart converting zhuyin to pinyin.

Patrick Swayze, aka Sam Wheat

Most NPUE students probably do not know Patrick Swayze, but those in my speaking and listening classes do, or will soon. Patrick Swayze plays Sam Wheat in the movie Ghost. Patrick Swayze: the image of dignity, decency and defiance — By BETSY SHARKEY Film Critic September 15, 2009 Though it was not his first […]

Updating all CAILAB materials for Fall 09 semester

All materials on are getting updated in preparation for Fall semester of 09. Please excuse any bad links and mess. Things are going to be quite different in the coming school year. For one thing, I’m dropping Moodle. It’s top heavy, slow, and generally unnecessary. I’m trying to integrate all the usual CMC tools […]