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Clean up Thunderbird .msf files

When Thunderbird starts running very slow or occasionally using a lot of ram and stalling, delete the .msf files using: find .thunderbird -maxdepth 10 -type f -name “*.msf” -delete Close Thunderbird first! When you reopen, it will re-index everything.

Increase webcam brightness on Mint

v4lctl bright 100% This increased my webcam brightness enough. It’s still a bit dark, but better. Fix found on Another thing to try is installing v4l2ucp and running it from the command line. This allows you to manually adjust video settings. EDIT: You know what worked a lot better? Buying a new webcam for […]

btsync launcher on Mint

To add a desktop launcher for btsync on Mint, install gnome-terminal. When you start in this way, the .sync folder will be in the user home folder, whereas if you start by navigating to the btsync folder you extracted to, then using the terminal command ./btsync, the .btsync folder will be created in that folder. […]

Fedora 21 vs Mint 17 on Asus X552E

I’ve been using Mint Mate for a few years and recently had reason to give Fedora another try. I started out with Red Hat back in the day, and naturally migrated to Fedora, but I just got tired of all the hassle with codecs and reinstalling quickly and easily for what was becoming for me […]

Getting bluetooth / blueman to work on Mint 17

If you’re having problems getting bluetooth devices to work on Mint 17, try the following: Install blueman, bluez, and pulseaudio-module-bluetooth with all suggested packages. In the terminal, run the command: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover It’s this missing module that seems to be causing many of the problems. This worked for me. See more detailed instructions at […]

Libre Office can’t open docx files

If you’re having problems opening docx files with Libre Office on Linux, try using AbiWord.

Skype crashing when answering calls on Linux Mint 16 64bit

If your Skype is crashing when answering calls on your Linux machine try the following. It solved the problem on my Mint 16 64bit. This solution was found at sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

Syncing Mozilla Lightning, Tomboy, and other such goodies

To sync your Lightning calendar across multiple computers, do the following: Create an empty .ics file (mycalendar.ics) and place it in the cloud folder of your choice. I’m using but you could just as easily use Dropbox, UbuntuOne, or whatever. Create the file as an empty text file. In Thunderbird, go to your Calendar […]

Installing Linux on an external drive

When you are prompted to unmount the drive during the installation process, do so Choose Something Else when prompted what you want to do Be sure that the bootloader is installing to the target drive, not an internal drive Choose the external disk to install to Click on New Partition Table Click on Free Space […]

Gwibber on Mint 15

I found after installing Gwibber that I wasn’t able to add any new accounts. The following packages need to be installed: $ sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center-signon $ sudo apt-get install account-plugin-twitter Credit to