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Mukurtu – open source archive system

This looks like something to watch. I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl: Mukurtu (MOOK-oo-too) 1. A free and open source community archive platform that provides international standards-based content management tools adaptable to the local cultural protocols and intellectual property systems of indigenous communities, libraries, archives, and museums. 2. A flexible and robust […]

Is your educational video really educational

Here’s a story of interest to instructional designers and educational technologists. Disney is handing out refunds for educational videos that weren’t educational.  What are the implications of this to the broader market? How can we prove that our materials are, in fact, educational or that they achieve their intended purpose? Regardless, I’m glad to see […]

Bug for changing country names in Moodle 1.9.5+

Until this bug gets worked out, it’s still possible to just change the country name in the system file in The problem is that if you change country names that way, changes will be erased upon upgrade. [#MDL-19764] Editing the country list in a language does not change the list in-site – Moodle Tracker […]

Editing language packs in Moodle

It used to be that editing a language pack in Moodle required downloading the relevant pack. It’s now all done via the admin interface. There’s more information at the link below, and these things tend to change with every major new version of Moodle. Language editing – MoodleDocs The language editing interface enables you to […]

RSS feed generator

I haven’t tested this script yet, but I’m blogging it with the plans of doing so. It looks like the script could easily be downloaded and run from your own machine. There’s another RSS generator for podcasting that runs on Linux, more elaborate than this script, and I just can’t remember the name of it, […]

Free polling and survey sites

There are many free polling and survey sites out there, and they’re particularly good options for students and teachers. A couple examples of such sites:

My Little Forum

This looks like a very nice, fast, slick little forum. The kind I’ve been looking for. phpBB and similar forums are too top heavy and slow. They’re difficult to customize and a pain to administer. I’ll be playing around with my my little forum quite a bit to see how it works. my little forum […]

Ajax chat channels

This is a nice resource for Ajax chat. I’ve just added Ajax chat to one of my sites, Very easy to install, but I’m having some difficulty getting the channels to act the way I’d like. Let’s chat with Ajax Channel settings In the lib directory, navigate to the data subdirectory and look for […]

File sharing / File manager adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

Another block that I’ve just installed on Moodle 1.9+ is the File sharing – File manager block. This allows users to upload and share files, obviously, and extends the FLE3 ‘Web Top’ type functionality to Moodle. I still prefer FLE3 as a CSCL environment, but it appears that Moodle is slowly going beyond being just […]

OU Wiki adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

I just finished browsing the complete list of modules and plugins for Moodle, and there does seem to be a growing interest in providing for more CSCL functions in the Moodle CMS. A couple of have fallen behind in development, but I just installed the OU Wiki plugin and it works very well. The CSCL […]