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Stop forum spam

I found this web site very useful:Stop Forum Spam This website provides lists, provided by fellow forum admins, of the vile scum suckers that persist in spamming forums with their, often illegal, scams, exploits and other annoyances. We provide these lists so that other forum admins dont have to endure the never ending job of […]

Audacity stops recording

I was having problems with Audacity stopping unexpectedly in the middle of the recording. I changed a couple of the settings following the suggestions below and it seems to have solved the problem. The following was found at In my case, reducing the bit to 24 and the channel to 1 (mono, as I […]

Airlines’ approaches to body and mind of the long-haul passenger

Remember when the 747 was rolled out in the early 70’s or so, and even economy class included a lounge area with card table and sofas? Free drinks, lots of food, and generally good physical feelings all around was the expectation, and the airlines delivered. International airline service, particularly that offered by US-based airlines, has […]

Getting an actual human on the phone

This site looks good: It provides numbers and tips on getting an actual person on the phone at quite a few companies. I’ll be taking a trip to the US this summer, so perhaps I’ll have an oppurtunity to use this site. Still, some of the information provided seems pretty commonsense, like this for […]

NAC enhances anti-inflammatory effects of NSAIDs

I almost never blog health related issues on, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to post this information, and as a couple of knee surgeries have resulted in my occasionally taking NSAIDs (as infrequently as possible that is), and as I’m already a fan of NAC for other reasons, I found this information […]

Quotation marks and other markup in WordPress

WordPress can be a pain when it comes to displaying entities such as quotation marks. Part of the problem is that it doesn’t accept named entities, those that have an abbreviated name (i.e., quot) between the ampersand and semicolon. You need to use the numeric equivalent instead, those that use a number instead of name. […]

Stomach Flu Spread by Keyboards and Mice

Computer lab coordinators and users, take note: Stomach Flu Spread By Contaminated Computer Keyboards – Yahoo! News Powered by ScribeFire.

Ubuntu java license agreement snag

While trying to install Java on Ubuntu using apt-get, I ran into a problem with the license agreement page. For whatever reason, I couldn’t ‘OK’ the page. In the past, I’ve typed yes to the agreement, but this installation included an agreement page that did not allow input. The fix was to hit the F12 […]


This has got to be one of the coolest, most useful apps for Linux I’ve come across in a long time. Streamtuner is a stream directory browser, and it allows you to record as well using the streamripper plugin. I installed streamtuner using yumex, and I think I installed streamripper from the command line. In […]

No Taisugar in Kaohsiung? No worries!

With regards to the recent news that Taisugar has been selling animal feed as people food for at least 13 years, I heard the following exchanges while in the Taisugar store in Pingtung, Taiwan yesterday: Wife: "Gosh, we’re moving to Kaohsiung soon, and they don’t have a Taisugar store. What will we do?" Husband: "Well, […]