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Increase webcam brightness on Mint

v4lctl bright 100% This increased my webcam brightness enough. It’s still a bit dark, but better. Fix found on Another thing to try is installing v4l2ucp and running it from the command line. This allows you to manually adjust video settings. EDIT: You know what worked a lot better? Buying a new webcam for […]

Convert VOB to flv

Here’s a handy bit of code for converting VOB to FLV: VOB to flv | Southend Linux User Group FLV file converter in LinuxUsing “mencoder” to create “flv” from “VOB” DVD video format files Many websites nowadays are using swf and flv file formats to play videos hosted on their site or sites, it’s advantage […]

Rip audio track from avi file

You can extract the audio from an avi file with Mplayer by using the following command: mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:file=myvideo.wav myvideo.avi

Skype video on FC13 64

To get Skype video working on my notebook with FC13 64, I did the following: Make sure libv4l.i686 is installed: yum install libv4l.i686. Start Skype with the following shell command: env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype Presto!

Convert flv to avi

To convert flv to avi using ffmpeg, use: ffmpeg -i myvideo.mpeg myvideo.avi This should work to convert to other formats as well, such as mpg. Then if you want to burn a DVD, you can use DVDStyler.