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Chewing Chinse input using pinyin

Why did I never know that you can input Chinese using pinyin on the Chewing input method? I always thought it was purely a zhuyin input method, but there is an option to use pinyin with Chewing. This makes Chewing the choice input method for traditional Chinese on Linux input systems such as IBus and […]

Tong Wen Tang lets you switch between simplified and traditional Chinese on web pages

This is a must have addon for Firefox if you ever browse Chinese web pages. Not only does it allow you to view simplified Chinese pages in traditional characters and vice versa, it has a handy tool that will convert Chinese input in form fields between simplified and traditional.  新同文堂 (New Tong Wen Tang) :: […]

Setting PmWiki to utf-8

To set PmWiki to use UTF-8, and thereby making it much easier to use Chinese and other non-Latin characters, change all instances of charset=ISO-8859-1 in the pmwiki.php file to charset=UTF-8. It’s that easy. UPDATE 090802: Actually, you just need to set the following lines in the config file: ## Unicode (UTF-8) allows the display of […]

This is an interesting site that attempts to do something similar to what I’ve been working on, which is to provide a space for language learners to collaborate on projects. It’s well designed and thought out, but it seems to be lacking what everything I’ve tried to do has lacked, and that is a greater […]

Another must-have Chinese tool

Fireinput allows you to input Chinese into online forms in Firefox. On Linux (FC8) it seems to work much better than SCIM. It’s lighter, and does a better job at inputing traditional Chinese. 真的不錯! Search Add-ons :: Firefox Add-ons: Fireinput


This is a handy little Firefox add-on that lets you convert a web page between simplified and traditional characters. It works quickly. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is that it adds a toolbar to my Firefox window that I can’t seem to opt out of, but it’s worth it. Here’s the link: 新同文堂 […]


This has got to be one of the coolest Chinese learning tools I’ve come across in a few months. The ChinesePera-kun addon for Firefox looks up Chinese words on web pages and also acts as a standalone dictionary. I just started testing it, but it seems to work quickly and it hasn’t crashed yet.