Posts from ‘April, 2006’

Gizmo on FC5

There is a bug in the Gizmo install on FC5. A discussion about it can be found at

Technology for language learning podcast

The following three links are for a blog, podcast, and wikibook, in that order, that are related and discuss technology for language learning. The blog and podcast are the work of Gary Cziko of the University of Illinois:

MPlayer on FC5

The MPlayer seems to work wonderfully on FC5. Install it from Livna using Yumex. Be sure to include the Mozilla plugin. It opens media files in Firefox without a hitch.

Teacher certification

And here’s a link that may hold promise for those of us who already have multiple degrees, but need to get certified: The above organization attempts to compile data on alternative credential programs in the US. Here is a program, called the Alternative Employed Teachers Program, at SFSU for teachers already employed, but needing […]

Taiwan interactive street map

Here’s something to keep in mind when looking for a street in Taiwan:

FC5, Flash, Firefox1.5

There seems to be a bug that affects Flash installations on FC5. The following two links had information that took care of it for me: