Posts from ‘July, 2006’

Restricting users on SSH

I rarely have to configure the SSH server, and so I never remember how to restrict users. There is documentation readily available for restricting users on SSH2, but I’m still using SSH and there just deosn’t seem to be much other there. It’s very, very simple. Simply add an AllowUsers line to the sshd_config file. […]

Moodle 1.5.4, data mod, and backup

There’s a bug in the backup process for the data mod when used with Moodle 1.5.4. A thread on this can be found at the Moodle site at I did install the files posted in that thread and the backup process worked, but I have not tried a restor yet.

gcin Chinese input for Linux

I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to post the link here for later use. I’m hesitant to install it on my FC4 workhorse computer. I installed some input system a while back, can’t remember which one, and it just made a mess. So, I’m going to wait until I have a chance to […]