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IcedTea for Java

Getting Java up and running properly used to be quite a pain on early versions of RedHat and Fedora. If you’re running FC7 or above and you’re running into Java issues (trouble with web-based Java apps, for example), try installing IcedTea. Powered by ScribeFire.

New toys

I’ve downloaded a couple of interesting new packages: FullRecall from is a flashcard program that lets you create your own cards. In order to use Chinese, you need to select unicode as the default Q&A fonts, and I have not been able to input Chinese within the program. I create questions in a text […]

US healthcare

I’m blogging this because I often find that Taiwanese students believe that everything is better in America. Many of them don’t understand what a world-class health care system Taiwan has. I’ve created a few activities on the topic of health, and there’s probably content in this article that could be used for general discussion and/or […]

Gizmo on FC8 problem

There’s a problem with Gizmo on Fedora 8, and here’s what I’ve found so far: SIPphone & Gizmo Support Center What is PulseAudio and how will it affect Gizmo for Linux? Solution We have identified an issue when using Gizmo Project and the ALSA Plug-in PulseAudio.PulseAudio is a type of sound server that can be […]

Ethically correct? Is that legal? (Sorry, ‘legally allowed’)

I’m not sure if this headline is ungrammatical, but it’s certainly redundant and just plain ugly: How to spend an ethically-correct Christmas – Yahoo! News Shouldn’t that headline read, “How to spend an ethical Christmas”? There’s no such thing as ‘ethically correct’, is there? Isn’t ‘ethical’ a synonym for ‘correct’? Furthermore, if the phrase ‘ethically […]

DownloadHelper and

It’s official. DownloadHelper does work on Powered by ScribeFire.

DownloadHelper and StoryCorps

The Firefox addon DownloadHelper can be used to download mp3 files from The clips on StoryCorps are fantastic as ESL material.

Children’s stories – Flash sites

You can find some good Flash stories for children at Another good site is And more at .

Useful tool for K12 teachers

Here’s a good site for K12 teachers: It allows you to search for lessons and materials.

Simple pronunciation activity

Present a list of 5-10 unknown words to the class. Put students in groups of 3-5 Give them a few minutes to discuss how the words are most likely pronounced. Allow low level classes to use dictionaries. Give a member or members of each group an opportunity to pronounce a word. The group(s) with correct […]