Posts from ‘March, 2008’

NanoGong voice message board

This is a promising application. This is the only free voice message board I’m aware of. The most popular commercial product, Wimba, seems to work better, but then it’s only really affordable for large departments. I’ve played around with NanoGong only a little, and I’ve had some trouble getting it to work on a Linux […]

Now that’s a long swim

I need to get around to finishing this article soon: Water boys | Health and wellbeing | Life and Health

Online FLV to MP3 conversion

FLV to MP3 Online Converter – Convert FLV or YouTube’s videos to MP3 Free online FLV to MP3 converter. The only problem is that you have to upload your FLV file, of course. Depending on the size of the file and your connection, that could take a while. But in a pinch, it’s good to […]

Convert flv to mp3, command line

To convert flv to mp3 using the command line, simply use: ffmpeg -i moviet.flv -f mp3 sound.mp3 You’ll need to already have installed ffmpeg.

JToothpaste for flv mp3 conversion JToothpaste This java scripts seems to work OK. It converts flv to mp3. I’m looking for a way to do this in the command line, so if anybody out there knows of a way, please drop me a line.

Convert FLV to MPG using FFMPEG

convert .flv to .mpg using ffmpeg I found the following at It works, but I had better luck leaving off the -s tag. First you need to download your .flv file to a folder and you need to Open a terminal window and go in to the .flv file folder and type the following […]

ATM gives shoppers too much money

The following could be used as the basis for a discussion on ethics. Other questions to consider would be with regards to situations in which a cashier gives you too much change, you see someone drop their wallet, etc. My guess is that most people would return a wallet if they saw somebody drop it, […]

The following were allegedly taken from actual church bulletins. Regardless of their authenticity, they do make for a humorous lessen on idioms, verb phrases, and ambiguity. The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. The sermon this morning: ‘Jesus Walks on Water.’ The sermon tonight: ‘Searching for Jesus.’ Our youth basketball team is back in action […]

Scanning your thoughts

New image technique could allow scanners to read minds | Science | This article is too difficult for use in class ‘out of the box’, but the premise of one day scanning people’s brains for ‘thought crimes’ would seem to hold a lot of promise of in-class activities, almost certain to turn humorous. An […]