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I’ve been looking for something like this

Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool Zotero is a Firefox plugin that doubles as an Open Office extension. It is a reference, link, and bibliography organizer. One thing I really like about it is that it allows you to insert references into your OO documents using a variety of the most popular formats.

Computer Mediated Activity Library

Here’s a site that I’ll almost certainly be using next semester. The title of the page pretty much says it all. The site includes a database of, you guessed it, computer mediated activities: CMC Resource Library

Zotero research tool

Another must have Firefox extension? Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool

WordPress Comments

Here’s a useful WordPress plugin. I’m testing it with this postExtended Comment Options for WordPress « Being Mr Kenny


This is a handy little Firefox add-on that lets you convert a web page between simplified and traditional characters. It works quickly. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is that it adds a toolbar to my Firefox window that I can’t seem to opt out of, but it’s worth it. Here’s the link: 新同文堂 […]

Mother’s Day

This article would be a good addition to a discussion or activity on Mother’s Day, which would itself fit nicely into a larger activity on cultural differences in families, family roles, etc. I’m not sure to what extent this western concept of Mother’s Day has traveled, but it’s certainly a big deal here in Taiwan. […]