Posts from ‘August, 2008’

This is an interesting site that attempts to do something similar to what I’ve been working on, which is to provide a space for language learners to collaborate on projects. It’s well designed and thought out, but it seems to be lacking what everything I’ve tried to do has lacked, and that is a greater […]

Using movies in a writing class

How can movies be used in a writing class? Some brainstorming: After watching a segment of a movie, students can create a character sketch of sorts on a character of their choosing. For example, the T could introduce the script writer’s trick of writing about what a character does in a certain situation, what their […]

Computing in the Cloud: NPR

This article is useful for a technology module. Note that the text is not an actual transcript of the audio, available via the link, though some of the paragraphs in the article are taken verbatim from the audio. This is a common feature of NPR stories that include both audio and substantial text, and this […]