Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Getting Flash to work on Firefox portable

Having trouble getting Flash to work on your portable Firefox? See You need to download the player from this link, unzip it, and follow the following instructions: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE DO A RIGHT CLICK, Save link as… change the extension of the download to flashplayer-win.xpi.ZIP Unzip it, and there you […]

A couple of thoughts on grammar and the arbitrary nature of language

(To my seniors after class.) Hi Everybody, Regarding our brief discussion today about grammar and teaching, I thought I’d pass along a couple of thoughts about what grammar is. To me, grammar is not a set of strict rules. A grammar is a set of descriptive propositions about a language and it is the product […]

Studs and spuds

The early recordings of Spuds Terkel played in this show are, well, you listen and decide… This American Life

64-bit Flash Player 10

While getting FC10 up and running I ran into a snag with the Flash player, and the fix was to install the alpha version of their 64-bit player. Scroll down on that page linked below for the download links. I downloaded the version for Linux, unpacked it, and copied the file to the /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins […]

More on using video with various apps in FC9 and 10

This page is also worth a look: hansdegoede: Fedora 9, kernel 2.6.27 and webcams As no applications in F-9 have been patched to use libv4l (most apps arepatched in F-10), you will need to use the libv4l C-libary wrapper to tunnelthe v4l calls the apps make through libv4l. Todo this you need to launch the […]

Getting video to work with FC10 and Skype2.0

I had a bit of trouble getting video to work on Skype under FC10, the fix noted below worked for me. As with the network issues, this doesn’t seem to be an ideal fix, but for now it will do. I installed the libv4l package using yumex, then followed the instructions below. Note that you […]