Posts from ‘January, 2009’

File sharing / File manager adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

Another block that I’ve just installed on Moodle 1.9+ is the File sharing – File manager block. This allows users to upload and share files, obviously, and extends the FLE3 ‘Web Top’ type functionality to Moodle. I still prefer FLE3 as a CSCL environment, but it appears that Moodle is slowly going beyond being just […]

OU Wiki adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

I just finished browsing the complete list of modules and plugins for Moodle, and there does seem to be a growing interest in providing for more CSCL functions in the Moodle CMS. A couple of have fallen behind in development, but I just installed the OU Wiki plugin and it works very well. The CSCL […]

Taiwan News Bilingual News Page

Here’s a nice resource for learners of Chinese and English. Taiwan News provides an abundance of bilingual news stories.Bilingual – Taiwan News Online

Setting PmWiki to utf-8

To set PmWiki to use UTF-8, and thereby making it much easier to use Chinese and other non-Latin characters, change all instances of charset=ISO-8859-1 in the pmwiki.php file to charset=UTF-8. It’s that easy. UPDATE 090802: Actually, you just need to set the following lines in the config file: ## Unicode (UTF-8) allows the display of […]

Swedish Covenant Hospital

Swedish Covenant Hospital – Chicago This hospital site has excellent on-line health resources. Not only have they made an abundance of information available, they have used an excellent design making the site easy to navigate and unburdened by annoyances like advertisements and confusing menus. Well done ladies and gentlemen! A good place to start is […]