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DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlement

I’ve been stories such as this one over the years that report on connections between the original inhabitants of Taiwan and the wider Pacific Island population. Taipei Times – archives DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlementBy William LowtherSTAFF REPORTER IN WASHINGTONThursday, Jan 29, 2009, Page 2 More details have emerged about the […]

3rd person plural as 3rd person gender-neutral singular

Let’s face it. The use of he or she or s/he is idiotic. It’s just not necessary. And it’s even stupider to sometimes use she and other times use he, just to be fair of course, when we are referring to both sexes. English has a perfectly good 3rd person gender neutral subject pronoun, they, […]

Grammar parser makes sentence parsing a breeze

Get it? Trees, breeze, ha ha ha. OK OK I’ll keep my day job. But this software is magical. It parses sentences and produces a tree structure, in addition to many other functions. You can find the Stanford Parser Grammatical Relation Browser at: The Stanford Parser Grammatical Relation Browser is a GUI for the […]

Writing a persuasive essay: ethos, pathos, and logos

The following site has a good summary of classical means of persuasion. Below is just a snippet of what is available on the page. This page would be a good resource for students working on a persuasive essay because it calls attention to different types of persuasion and as such would hopefully cause students to […]

More rubrics – oral rubric

I’ve posted an oral rubric that can be freely used and improved upon. Again, if you make any improvements, I’d appreciate a copy. I’m also linking to a score sheet that can be used for a 24-point rubric. Here you go: Oral rubric in pdf and html formats: 24-point score card in pdf: […]

Have trouble getting quality supplements mailed internationally?

I’ve resisted joining affiliate programs for many years, but the products and service of Physician Formulas have been so good over the years that I’ve decided to join their affiliate program. Living in Taiwan, it is sometimes hard to find the supplements I want, and if I can find them, they’re often very expensive. I […]

Rubrics for letter and essay activities

I’ve posted a couple of rubrics that I created for writing activities. They’re quite rough and in need of revision and clarification, but you’re free to download them and use them as you please. If you do improve them, I’d appreciate to have a copy of your revisions. I’m providing them in pdf and odt […]

CALL, CAI, NBLL, CMC, just don’t call me late for dinner

Do you think we’ll ever actually run out of acronyms? I mean, sure, it seems unlikely, but the fact is that, assuming any letter and number 0-9 can be used a maximum of twice in one acronym (and no self-respecting acronym would use a number or letter more than twice, right?), there is a finite […]

Activity: Speed dating

For an explanation of speed dating, see This activity has worked very well in my university level classes. In fact, I’d say this activity results in the most oral production among students of any activity I’ve ever done. My experience with this activity has been that it has all students speaking very close to […]

On NetworkManager problems

* Controlling NetworkManager I’m blogging this link to a page by Paul Lutus,, primarily just to keep it in mind as a future reference for when the time comes to upgrade to FC12. I’ve noticed that my posting on FC10 static IP configuration problems is getting a lot of hits, and so I thought […]