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NAC enhances anti-inflammatory effects of NSAIDs

I almost never blog health related issues on, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to post this information, and as a couple of knee surgeries have resulted in my occasionally taking NSAIDs (as infrequently as possible that is), and as I’m already a fan of NAC for other reasons, I found this information […]

Children’s games

Something I like to do occasionally is have my students brainstorm some of the games they used to play as children, and by games I’m referring to outdoor and/or playground type games. What I’ve found is that my Taiwanese students used to play games that are in many ways very similar to, and in some […]

CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon

Here’s a useful site if you’re looking for culturally authentic pictures: CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictoral Lexicon Welcome to the Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, CAPL, the source for authentic images for language learning.

rar, unrar on Linux

To unpack a rar file on Linux: Use yum or some other installer to install unrar. Use unrar e filename.rar Couldn’t be much simpler.

But only one person called to complain…

For some reason, this strikes me as funny: Cable glitch switches religious program to racy ad PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia cable network’s early morning broadcast of a Good Friday service at the Vatican abruptly changed to something wildly different — a 30-second “Girls Gone Wild” ad. Comcast spokesman Jeff Alexander says the 2 a.m. Friday […]

Announced DUI checkpoints

The policy of announcing such checkpoints before the fact is worthy of discussion. I’m in favor of it for a variety of reasons, but what do you think? The Columbus Dispatch : DUI checkpoint in Gahanna tonight DUI checkpoint in Gahanna tonightFriday, April 10, 2009 9:47 AM THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH A sobriety checkpoint will be […]

There’s a story here…

The Columbus Dispatch : Caskets found along Alum Creek Reservoir weren’t empty Caskets found along Alum Creek Reservoir weren’t emptyFriday, April 10, 2009 3:28 PM The Columbus DispatchDELAWARE, Ohio — It turns out the caskets uncovered along Alum Creek Reservoir yesterday weren’t empty after all. Army Corps of Engineers officials said at a news conference […]

Tong Wen Tang lets you switch between simplified and traditional Chinese on web pages

This is a must have addon for Firefox if you ever browse Chinese web pages. Not only does it allow you to view simplified Chinese pages in traditional characters and vice versa, it has a handy tool that will convert Chinese input in form fields between simplified and traditional.  新同文堂 (New Tong Wen Tang) :: […]

Obscene license plates

When I saw the headline for this story, my first thought was that the state would not let her use ILVTOFU because of the Chinese idiom 吃豆腐, or eat tofu. In that idiom, tofu refers to the soft, smooth body of a woman. Of course after reading the story, the license plate was banned for […]

Wacky excuses for being late to work

This is clearly a corny article with an even cornier list of excuses, but it could serve to stimulate a fun activity. Working in small groups, I would first have students either choose one of the excuses or, better yet, make up a new one, perhaps one more relevant to local culture and living. Next, […]