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Online and blended learning more effective than F2F

This comes as no surprise to me. As a student and teacher, I much prefer online learning to F2F learning. The report on which this article is based can be found at | U.S. Dept. of Education Finds Online & Blended Education More Effective than Residential Method Alone Is online education as effective […]

Good source for online and distance teaching and edtech jobs maintains a decent Help Wanted page for online teaching and edtech jobs. You can click on the link below to view it or go to | Online and Distance Jobs: Help Wanted HELP WANTED job postings related to online education, instructional technology, and distance learning of up to 50 words are FREE.

Yet another reason not to use textbooks in the L2 classroom

Take a look at and see if something doesn’t strike you as just a little odd.

Some great puzzles from writing students!

There are two sets of words: The first set of words have the same initial letter, and the second set of words rhyme. The first word of the first set (S1W1) is an activity. The first word of the second set (S2W1) is an illness or ailment, and it is related to S1W1. The second […]

More puzzles

What I’ve been posting as riddles (the JAR postings) would be more accurately described as puzzles or word games. I had students write their own puzzles today and they did extremely well. Here are two examples of what they created. After posting the puzzles, each group then invited the other students to ask yes/no questions […]

Taiwan vegetarians, take notice

I’m not a vegetarian, but I often eat at vegetarian restaurants, and although I like the fake meat products available in Taiwan, such as fake ham, I have noticed that they often leave me feeling less than great. Perhaps this story explains why, at least in part. I guess the safest thing to do if […]

Interview with Dr. Pei of NPUST

Here’s an excellent interview with a professor from NPUST regarding a mapping program focusing on traditional territory of various Rukai and Paiwan tribes. The View from Taiwan: Chatting with Somebody: Dr. Kurtis Pei, National Pingtung Institute of Technology Chatting with Somebody: Dr. Kurtis Pei, National Pingtung Institute of Technology

My Little Forum

This looks like a very nice, fast, slick little forum. The kind I’ve been looking for. phpBB and similar forums are too top heavy and slow. They’re difficult to customize and a pain to administer. I’ll be playing around with my my little forum quite a bit to see how it works. my little forum […]

JAR: Just Another Riddle

I’m thinking of two words that rhyme. The first word is a body part, and is a compound noun. The second word is something that can be eaten. Both words are for things that are hard on the outside.


Here’s a nice resource for those of you looking for authentic L2 input: SACODEYL Corpus Search The corpora are based on structured video interviews with pupils between 13 and 18 years of age. The interviews have been annotated and enriched for language learning purposes. Feel free to explore them on your own! Access to the […]