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Useful for CAI class?

This site is just a little too stupid and a little too much fun. But, it may come in handy in our upcoming CAI class:

Why Firefox is better

Plugins, that’s the main reason. Three plugins I’ve just installed and am testing, though they seem to make my surfing much easier and safer, are: NoScript Flashblock AdBlock I’ve been reading about Flash security issues that affect all OSs, leading to my installing the above scripts. So now my favorite Firefox plugins, in addition to […]

Livestation has a Linux version

Watch TV online on Linux with Livestation: Livestation | Download the free Livestation player


Wow, there are a number of very cool rss generators out there that weren’t around the last time I looked. I installed this one in all of 15 seconds and it seems to work very nicely. Podcast Generator – Open Source Podcast Publishing Solution Podcast Generator is a free web based podcast publishing script written […]

Open source Skype recording for Linux: Skype Call Recorder

I’ve used this on FC10 x64 and it works very nicely right out of the box. I had to install, and did so with Yum. Very nice. Skype Call Recorder Skype Call Recorder is an open source tool that allows you to record your Skype calls on Linux. Current features include: * Record calls […]

DNA study supports Taiwan as origin of Pacific settlement

There have been a number of studies over the last couple of years indicating that Taiwan is likely the origin of much of the Pacific Islander population, from Indonesia to Hawaii with lots of stops in between. Here is yet another such study: Taipei Times – archives By William LowtherSTAFF REPORTER IN WASHINGTONThursday, Jan 29, […]

More information on early Taiwan inhabitants

Earliest human relics in Taiwan unearthed in Taitung – Taiwan News Online A team from Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s highest research institute, has recently discovered a neolithic stone hearth in a cave in the eastern county of Taitung that has been confirmed as the earliest human relic to have been discovered in Taiwan, the Taitung county […]

This is the generator I used before…

ListGarden, that’s the name by golly! I have used this before and it does work quite well, but I’m going to try the others just for kicks. Software Garden Products: ListGarden RSS Feed Generator For podcasting and generating RSS feeds.

Another podcast RSS generator to try

Here’s another one from the guy that gave the world, a very useful script. Mike Pickering’s Website – For podcasting and generating RSS feeds.

RSS feed generator

I haven’t tested this script yet, but I’m blogging it with the plans of doing so. It looks like the script could easily be downloaded and run from your own machine. There’s another RSS generator for podcasting that runs on Linux, more elaborate than this script, and I just can’t remember the name of it, […]