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This is a link to the consumer group Which?, which is mentioned in the earlier cited article about how dirty computer keyboards are: Welcome to Which?

Unemployment a problem for you?

In my opinion, the years immediately following undergraduate graduation are some of the most difficult for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the necessity to prove to the world that you are worth hiring. This makes a suitable topic for our next discussion. Taipei Times – archives Unemployment rate surged to […]

Random image script

This is a great little script by Matt Mullenweg that displays a random image on a web page. It’s very easy to configure and use. I set it up on one of my sites,, in just a couple minutes, though it took me a bit longer to go through my pictures and select the […]

MOE wasting students’ time

Below are some excerpts from a very timely and accurate letter regarding the bungling of English education and testing by the MOE. Click on the link below for the entire letter. Taipei Times – archives How to waste students’ timeTuesday, Sep 22, 2009, Page 8 …The conversation component of the GEPT is recorded and measures […]

More reasons to ignore health authorities

Click on the link for the complete article. Following are excerpts relevant to those of us in Taiwan and elsewhere (emphasis added): Swine flu hotline staff are ‘making deadly errors’ | Mail Online Swine flu hotline staff are ‘making deadly errors’ By Daniel Martin Last updated at 10:38 PM on 20th September 2009 …91 per […]

Keep those numbers up!

I had to giggle when I read this statement regarding swine flu in Taiwan. Students, can you tell why? Yaung hopes A(H1N1) epidemic show signs of waning next week – The China Post The goal now is to keep the weekly rate at 20,000 for a few more weeks before vaccines are made available, he […]

Good ajax chat resource

Here’s a good reference for administering Ajax Chat: Let’s chat with Ajax

Patrick Swayze, aka Sam Wheat

Most NPUE students probably do not know Patrick Swayze, but those in my speaking and listening classes do, or will soon. Patrick Swayze plays Sam Wheat in the movie Ghost. Patrick Swayze: the image of dignity, decency and defiance — By BETSY SHARKEY Film Critic September 15, 2009 Though it was not his first […]

FC11 Livestation audio

I had a problem getting audio with Livestation, and this was the fix, and thank you, John. (NOTE: You need to use single quotes in the example below.) Livestation | Forum | Download the free Livestation player Sometimes it seems OpenAL (the sound library we are using) picks the wrong sound device. Could you try […]

Home remedies, have any?

I’m a huge believer in home remedies and nine times out of ten find that they work better than pharmaceutical options. Following are some excerpts from a story about a folk remedy that has proved useful for treating swine flu. I often use home remedies as a basis for a class activity, and there’s an […]