Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Ready-to-go role plays

Yahoo sure puts a lot of banal flotsam on its site, and the following ‘article’ is just that. But, it does provide the material for some light-hearted yet useful role play in the ESL classroom. Below are six situations with some relevant dialogue. Students could fill in the blanks with their own material. For example, […]

Global warming discussion

This article could provide the basis for somewhat of a provocative discussion on what one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of helping the environment. Print Story: Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man’s best friend – Yahoo! News Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man’s best friendby Isabelle Toussaint and Jurgen Hecker Isabelle […]

How unsafe is safe enough for you?

The headlines assuring us that vaccines are safe are large, front page, and numerous. One might think that somebody is trying to convince us of something. But this story was somewhat buried in the on-line press. This article could supplement a discussion on students’ feelings about the safety of vaccines and their health care in […]

2010 ELT conferences, Taiwan

The following was taken from a posting. I have no idea how accurate the information is, but I assume it’s fairly correct: ELT Conferences 2010 • Forumosa 2010 International Conference and Workshop on TEFL & Applied LinguisticsMarch 12-13, 2010Ming Chuan UniversityTaoyuan, Taiwan 2010 Asian EFL Journal International Annual ConferenceApril 23-25, 2010Providence UniversityTaichung, Taiwan Second […]

Living and working in Pohnpei

Below is the link to an excellent article about living and working in Pohnpei. It’s quite a long article; below is only an excerpt. Of course, it’s most useful to those considering moving to Pohnpei, but it’s also a good resource for someone considering a move to Micronesia in general, and may be a good […]

Skype video – webcam on FC12

Fedora just gets better and better, but it’s still having problems with Skype video out of the box. The following command gets everything working on FC12 x86-32: env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ /usr/bin/skype I have two FC12 computers running 64-bit FC 12. Skype video on the Asus laptop works right out of the box, while I can’t get […]

Denying directory listing

The following from Dreamhost spells out the .htaccess option. Another option would be to create a blank index file and place it in the directory for which you do not want indexing enabled. Modifying directory indexes – DreamHost Turning off directory indexes Place the following in an .htaccess file in your main domain name folder […]

Let students sleep for homework

This article might provide the basis for a fun, if not scientifically valid, activity: Want to Boost Your Memory? Try Sleeping on It – Yahoo! News Want to Boost Your Memory? Try Sleeping on By ADI NARAYAN Adi Narayan – Mon Nov 30, 10:00 am ET Can’t remember where you put your keys? Here’s […]