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Synching Tomboy notes on FC11 and FC12

I don’t know how I got along without using WebDAV for so long. Like the author of the page cited below, I work on multiple computers daily, two at work and two at home. For years I’ve been using FTP and hosted web space to access the current version of any file. Using WebDAV makes […]

More likely to die?

I get a kick out of these articles that talk of "risk of death". Isn’t the risk of death always 100% for all of us? How can an activity possibly increase our risk of death? It’s absurd language, and yet it appears daily in our media. Experts: Sitting too much could be deadly – Yahoo! […]

Language Symposium, Northwestern University

Language Symposium | CLI | Northwestern University Language Symposium 2010Dates: Friday, April 16 – Saturday, April 17, 2010Place: University of ChicagoTheme: Best Practices in Language InstructionKeynote Speaker: TBA

Some very good deals for travel within East Asia

If you’re living in East Asia and thinking of taking a trip in the region soon, you should check out

database disk image malformed

If yum gives you the error message database disk image malformed, try: yum clean all

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Please.

So, ten times the number of children, and presumably people in general, caught H1N1 than doctors thought. What this means is that the virus is even less serious than we already thought. In fact, is it in any worse than a really bad cold or normal flu? I think not. And how much money exactly […]

Chewing Chinse input using pinyin

Why did I never know that you can input Chinese using pinyin on the Chewing input method? I always thought it was purely a zhuyin input method, but there is an option to use pinyin with Chewing. This makes Chewing the choice input method for traditional Chinese on Linux input systems such as IBus and […]

Some outstanding student sites

I posted the following message to our CAI class discussion list, and I thought it should be posted here as well: ————————- Hi Everybody, I’ve been grading our CAI class projects, and I’m writing to call your attention to some outstanding work by some of your classmates. This is, I believe, the first time I’ve […]

Test post from Zoho

Posting from Zoho writer I’m test posting from within Zoho writer. I’ve been playing around with Zoho ( for a day or so and so far really like it. Let’ see how easy this is to post. (If this were a movie, you would now see a clock with the big hand fast forwarding a […]

Six Office Alternatives

Articles such as the one linked below appear regularly, and I hope they continue to given that new services are appearing all the time. After reading the article linked below, I tried Zoho ( and it looks very promising. Six office alternatives Six office alternatives Microsoft will release Office 2010 in June but until then […]