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One more reason to delete your Facebook account

What sites such as Facebook and Google know and whom they tell Eben Moglen, a Columbia University law professor and director of Software Freedom Law Center, calls Facebook “one big database of hundreds of millions of people containing the kind of information far beyond what the secret police in 20th-century totalitarian regimes had.” The company […]

gthumb image viewer crashes FC13

I like gthumb because it’s a quick and easy way to resize images, but it crashes FC13 on both my notebook and DIY box. The good news is that showFoto, a viewer that I think was installed by default on FC13, does the job quite well.

FC13 Tomboy sync error: The keyring daemon is not available

I had Tomboy set up to sync using webdav, but when I installed FC13 and tried to configure Tomboy, I got the following error: The keyring daemon is not available My solution was to install sshfs: yum install sshfs I also installed gnome-do-plugins-tomboy using yumex. I then went into my server and copied all the […]

Absolutely, positively something to look for

I’ll be looking for this model, and if anybody sees it on the shelves in Pingtung, please let me know. Slashdot Hardware Story | Asus Budget Ultraportable Notebook Sold Sans OS EconolineCrush writes “Tired of paying the Windows tax on notebooks? Asus’s Eee PC 1201T budget ultraportable comes without a traditional operating system and sells […]

Antisocial media sites don’t give a rat’s behind about your privacy

At this point, there have been so many stories detailing how Facebook and similar sites give away personal information, that I have little pity for anyone still using these sites who might be surprised or offended to learn that their profile is essentially 100% accessible to advertisers and others.  Facebook, MySpace caught releasing user data […]

SpiderOak wants you to upgrade

SpiderOak is a fantastic service. For Linux users, it’s the best backup service I’ve found. I was having trouble connecting for a couple days and checked out their blog, which told me how to fix the problem. The silver lining behind this hiccup was that I learned that SpiderOak responds to such inevitable problems quickly […]

Jessica Watson

Even the most cynical person must be impressed by this young lady.

China Post is looking for a proofreader

Attention: Proofreader urgently needed at China Post!

China Post looking for proofreaders…

Can you tell why the China Post is desperately seeking proofreaders??

Yet more on Taiwan as the origin of many Pacific Islanders

Taipei Times – archives Pacific Islanders’ history With reference to your review of my book, Surviving Paradise (“Notes from a very small island,” May 9, page 14), and Bradley Winterton’s doubts about my claim that Taiwanese Aborigines colonized the Pacific Islands, I would like to clarify and support this claim. It is the orthodox view […]