OU Wiki adds CSCL functionality to Moodle

I just finished browsing the complete list of modules and plugins for Moodle, and there does seem to be a growing interest in providing for more CSCL functions in the Moodle CMS. A couple of have fallen behind in development, but I just installed the OU Wiki plugin and it works very well. The CSCL function that OU Wiki brings to Moodle is that it allows for the creation of personal wikis. If the permissions are tweaked a little, users can view others’ wikis (or edit them I suppose, depending on how permissions are set, but that would defeat the purpose of the personal wiki.)

This function is somewhat similar to the WebTop function in FLE3. It allows users to see what their peers are working on without changing anything.

Moodle.org: Modules and plugins

Activity Module: OU wiki

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