Shell commands

Linux Command Reference

Here’s a handy reference for shell commands. I use the shell daily, but unless I use a command quite often, I’m sure to forget its syntax or even the command itself.

For example, I couldn’t remember how to convert postscript files (.ps) to .pdf files. The answer, of course, is the handy dandy ps2pdf command. This is yet another reason why I love Linux. Windows users would have to find some dorky .exe file to download, then worry about whether it is somehow malicious, having to close multiple popup advertisements pushing a variety of smileys, to accomplish what for Linux is a nobrainer shell command.

I’m sure there must be some sort of ‘official’ site out there, and perhaps that page is

And I was happy to come across a page on shell programming by Paul Lutus, located at He’s been putting very useful and fun stuff on the WWW for us to enjoy for years.

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