ATM breaches more likely at stores than banks

This article would be a good basis for a discussion in unit on money. I would simplify it first, taking out some of the references to banking practices that don’t exist here in Taiwan, such as debit cards, and to other information that is not directly relevant to the daily lives of my students. Basically, this can be boiled down to two or three interesting paragraphs, but since virtually all my students use some sort of plastic, it could serve as the basis for a good discussion on money, security, and safety.

Yahoo! Personal Finance

Wednesday July 2, 3:23 pm ET
By Jessica Dickler, staff writer

When hackers infiltrated Citibank ATMs at 7-Eleven stores, they revived the fear of everyone looking to get out a few bucks for a Slurpee – is using this machine safe?

Experts say the answer is that an ATM’s safety depends on where it is. If it’s at a bank, an ATM is somewhat safer than it is in a public place, such as a ballpark, a train station or a convenience store.

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