Fedora 21 vs Mint 17 on Asus X552E

I’ve been using Mint Mate for a few years and recently had reason to give Fedora another try. I started out with Red Hat back in the day, and naturally migrated to Fedora, but I just got tired of all the hassle with codecs and reinstalling quickly and easily for what was becoming for me a central need for a workstation rather than a server. I wasn’t thrilled with Ubuntu for some reason, but when I found Mint, I jumped up and down. (Actually, I didn’t. It’s just an expression.)

So recently I bought this brand spanking new Asus laptop (X552E), and tried to install Mint 17, and there was something not working with the video drivers that came with Mint. It wouldn’t fly. No show. No go. Nada. No way. It didn’t work. Zip. Zero. Black screen. Bad news. Unhappy camper I was. I couldn’t believe it! I just splashed down $500 on a brand new notebook with that new notebook smell, wiped off Windows 8 without thinking even once, and Mint DID NOT WORK!

What was I to do? Well, it didn’t take me more than a second or two to know that if anybody could handle this, it would be Fedora. I downloaded Fedora 21, burned it to a disc, fired up my new machine, and everything worked hunky dory. Not only that, once I got reacquainted with Fedora, I really started liking it. I’m still a huge fan of Mint, but if you haven’t tried Fedora in a while, I highly recommend it.

For one. the Gnome desktop is fine. Years ago, I was really not happy with Gnome 3. But if you want your usual menus and workspaces that Mint Mate provides, install gnome-tweak-tool on your new Fedora installation. It’s very sweet. Fedora seems to run faster than Mint. It’s snappier, lighter on its feet. Also, the repos are now easier to find and install for lazy people like me. Just head on over to http://rpmfusion.org/Configuration/.

I initially moved to Mint because it just seemed easier to set up all the gizmos I needed. That’s no longer the case. Give Fedora another try. Yum yum.



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