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I've started this page to list some brilliant examples of spontaneous word creation, sometimes as the result of overgeneralization, but not always.

  • speedward: The non-native English speaker was referring to the fast forward function on a remote control. "The speedward doesn't work".
  • traffically: The non-native English speaker was referring to the fact that, because she doesn't drive, she depends on another for transportation. "Traffically, I depend on you."
  • mangina: The 8-year-old native speaker was referring to the appearance of their male dog after having been neutered. This was probably a conscious play on words, but a brilliant one.
  • food pollution: The non-native speaker was referring to accidental and deliberate, for-profit contamination of food by such practices as producing food in environmentally polluted areas or adding inedible contents to food to increase weight
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Page last modified on December 19, 2009, at 05:49 PM