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This page is for developing the Parse Game as originally presented by Michael Nardell and Daniel Roggenkamp at

This game was originally created in 2003 as part of the EdTech 670 course at San Diego State University.

NOTE: A parse game group has been created on this wiki in anticipation of increasing parse game activity. When creating new pages relevant to the parse game, please create in group Parsegame. You can create a new page using the form, upper left, by typing in Parsegame.Newpage, or by editing any page and adding [[Parsegame.Newpage]]. If a group is not indicated, the new page will be created in whatever group the page on which the new page created lives. So, if you're already on a page in Parsegame and you create a new page by simply typing [[Newpage]], it will be created in parsegame.

This page is in group Linguistics, so if you create a new page here without indicating group Parsegame, that page will be created in group Linguistics.

Below we can discuss things. A password is needed to edit this page or add comments. That password is the name of the famous MIT linguist.

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