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This page lives in the new Parsegame group, created in anticipation of increased parse game activity.

For the original parse game page that is in the Linguistics group and has a couple of comments posted, go to Linguistics.Parse game

NOTE:When creating new pages relevant to the parse game, please create in group Parsegame. You can create a new page using the form, upper left, by typing in Parsegame.Newpage, or by editing any page and adding [[Parsegame.Newpage]]. If a group is not indicated, the new page will be created in whatever group the page on which the new page created lives. So, if you're already on a page in Parsegame (such as this one) and you create a new page by simply typing [[Newpage]], it will be created in parsegame.

Links that may come in handy:

Haven't really checked these out yet.

Questions: How to pick new words. Ideas:

    * Nth word of online source or newspaper article
    * Random dict word (but how to pick?)
          o Check for random word generators

As with gin rummy or solitaire, parse game will have many different forms. Here's one: Players each have their own 'hands'. Hands consist of words (or morphemes?) perhaps firstly dealt, but regardless, from then on chosen from some sort of random word/morpheme generator. Also needed is a random node generator (NP, VP, etc.) Each player is playing their own S Each player can see the other players nodes. Basically, all is out in the open. The first player to 'play out' wins. Players take turns drawing words/morphemes and nodes. A player can 'give up' a drawn morpheme/node, but if so, the other player has the option of picking it up on their turn.

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Page last modified on November 03, 2010, at 06:09 PM